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Primary Care

Primary care is changing and many organisations are facing retention and recruitment issues for GP's.

Until recently, advanced nurse practitioners (ANP’s) have served as the only suitable addition to a practice to support the GP's in seeing and treating patients. However, with the rapid evolution of the paramedic profession and scope of practice, Paramedics are now highly trained, degree -level professionals. They have been first responders in a variety of situations, they also see the same types of patients as GPs, and are experts at keeping patients at home and linked to various community teams.

Practices often have home visits with different doctors visiting on different days, there is currently limited continuity of care in-home visits. Paramedics are also now able to prescribe and underpinned by a formal Level 7 practitioner qualification, they are now aligned to ANP’s.

Paramedics are increasingly being used both within the practice and also to conduct home visits and an established practice can utilise paramedics across the professional ladder to see appropriate patients at appropriate times.

For example, practices may employ the services of a Band 6 Paramedic to attend a patient's own home, care home or other location (much as they do in their traditional role). Paramedics are experience in seeing/treating and referring patients appropriately.

Similarly, practices may also look to use a level 7 prescribing paramedic practitioner to see appropriate patients on a sessional basis within the practice, alongside GP's and ANP's.

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