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Admission Avoidance

TPG Medical have pioneered the provision of paramedics as a fundamental part of admission avoidance schemes such as rapid response teams and as part of discharge care packages.

Rapid access schemes are being used to provide early intervention to patients who often have complex health needs as a safe and appropriate alternative to admission to hospital. The versatility of paramedics and the familiarity of the home environment make them exceptional members of such teams.

These Rapid Response / Virtual Ward Services are often an integrated service provided by NHS hospitals in conjunction with Clinical Commissioning Groups, with the aim of:

  • Avoiding/Reducing unplanned hospital admission and Emergency Department (ED) attendances.
  • Facilitating discharges.
  • Reducing inpatient length of stay.
  • Providing high quality care within a community setting.
  • To optimise patient care, by involving an integrated multi-professional team.

For patients in the community, multi-disciplinary teams can respond to referrals, undertaking a holistic assessment, advanced physical assessment, prescribing, medication review and functional assessment following telephone triage by the patient’s GP, in their home setting.

TPG support various hospitals in supplying experienced paramedics to form part of these teams, often with GP remote support and alongside community nursing colleagues and occupational therapists, using their clinical assessment skills to take a detailed history and assessment to discuss with GP colleagues. Our in-house paramedic leadership team have also worked with commissioners to extend these services by calling upon peripheral paramedic skills to increase the impact of the service to the community. Such additional services include things such as responding to falls in the community.

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