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Struggling to retain your clinical workforce, or recruit personnel? TPG Medical have a solution.

Ambulance services across the UK are under significant pressure, struggling to recruit and retain clinical workforce. As a result of meeting these increasing demands NHS Trusts often look to supplement resources with private providers.

For several years this has worked well as an additional resource for the Trust to access, but as the demands and reliance upon private ambulance providers have increased, the risk exposure for Trusts (such as the regulatory risk), has increased proportionately and the need for oversight of these providers is often challenging and inconsistent.

TPG Medical have responded to the change in demand landscape by developing a service which supports NHS ambulance trusts to utilise their own redundant fleet, and give complete control to the Trust over their contingent workforce. Often NHS Trusts look to private providers not through lack of vehicle or estate resource, but solely due to staff shortages.

Our sole focus on recruiting and placing paramedics means that we are able to provide the same experienced, compliant and reliable paramedics who currently respond to patients on private provider ambulances, but rather use the Trusts own fleet, estate and management to deliver a scalable and robust alternative.

Naturally this is more cost effective for Trusts and reduces the external risk, whilst reducing the reliance upon full service private providers and providing long term sustainability and resilience within the Trust.

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