Case Study

Paramedic Admission Avoidance

Admission avoidance teams were initially made up of doctors, nurses and HCA’s but they were missing the vital component; paramedics.

At TPGMedical we provide paramedics to work with rapid response and virtual ward teams. TPG Medical paramedics in particular, act as the eyes and ears of a doctor in a patient’s home.

Our paramedics visit patients at home in an urgent care car or by other means to those that are deemed non-emergency but have called 111 or 999 and are still seeking medical attention. Our paramedics decisively and confidently take care of the patient’s needs, liaise with doctors or any other agency that they deem necessary.

Our paramedics are spread nationwide so hiring admission avoidance paramedics through TPG Medical allows patients across the country to receive the best care pathway and package simultaneously reducing wait times in hospitals and allowing doctors in emergency departments to focus and prioritise emergency cases.

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